you like poetry that’s happy and gay

like watching a disney movie

with nothing to say

just be hypnotized by the mice as they play

cinderella stories not life-like decay

poetry that reeks of disaster

rips the mask off of your

pleasant white plaster

5 thoughts on “LA LA LA LA LAND

    1. This was a poem I wrote in response to a long lost lover that recently found out a distant relative was a poet and said her poetry was pleasant and uplifting…he never commented on my poetry……..a lot of poems I have written are of our broken love ….

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  1. I think some people hurt in different ways and some are afraid of the pain they may feel if they open to something. Or some are afraid of their hurt and afraid to share because they may think others don’t have pain and will be scared away (me, often). Or they might try always to look to the pleasant things to escape, hoping it’ll jus( go away.

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    1. Some people are smart and would NEVER tolerate intolerable situations…they would think ahead..and make better decisions for themselves. Whereas others….haha…such as myself… don’t think much … but rely on feelings more, and because feelings are flighty….you end up with consequences.
      Those that protect themselves cannot tolerate the harshness of life…and life IS harsh.

      But yes as you say….we like to see the pleasant only …to escape the reality…it’s just too much to handle….

      I’ve wasted too much time focusing on the bitter truth….
      Time to go to LALA Land….
      Run away in my van…..if I think too much about THAT REALITY I might not go …….


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