being in love…then it ends

when it ends….then it begins

when it begins…..then it ends

always wanting….never satisfied

never satisfied ….always wanting

pushing and pulling….filling and emptying

if you can stop wishing…you will never want

be like a rock….calm under stress

be like you’re dead…before you die

before you die….live life fully

relax relax…..work work work

work work work….till you’re a jerk…..

when you’re a jerk…..you need to be alone

i love being alone all the time….does that mean i’m a jerk ?

i laugh at myself…..i love laughing

i rarely cry anymore….only when i think of you

when i think of us…..it’s a crying shame

it’s a crying shame…this is such a game

we gotta figure out…what this is

when we think we know…then we don’t….

when we don’t know….we wanna know…

emotions like the oceans……………….













5 thoughts on “EMOCEANS

  1. Run, oh run from the devil storm
    Run, oh run towards the the golden sun

    See it shine
    See the angels in your mind
    See them drinking wine,
    Dancing long
    And singing metered rhyme.

    Hold your fist
    Hold it fast against your skin
    Till your fingers dig
    Right to the bone
    Ambition bleeds you dry.

    Run, oh run from the devil storm
    Run, oh run towards the the golden sun

    Every tree
    spawns a hundred one and more
    Every branch you see
    Has a hundred fruits
    And sprouts hundred trees

    Will it stop
    Like a trophy on the shelf
    Always more to find
    No rest you’ll find
    Through endless lighted doors

    Race up high
    For meaning and respect
    Walk a mountain road
    Where pleasures rain
    And drain right to the sea

    Run, oh run towards the the golden sun
    Run, oh run from the devil storm

    Run from pain
    From needles in the hay
    From social fray
    And certain dooms
    Till the running hurts the same

    Slip through cracks
    Of the vision in your eyes
    And your tears they fall
    To barefoot feet
    and drown in equanimity.


    1. It wouldn’t be like that if you did what you loved ? I wonder if I would hate poetry and art if I HAD to work hard at it …haha…..when I DONT have to force myself I am happy ..
      Now to eliminate all the other things I hate doing…..freedom is freedom from being a slave to things


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