how i love to peel off that sticky membrane inside of egg shells…..i’ve been baking lots of Tres Leches lately….the most delicious cake in the world….anyways…back to egg shells….it’s so relaxing to separate that membrane that’s inside the shell…or peel off the delicate egg shell from the membrane…..i actually look forward the next cake i make…partly because there will be more egg shells to peel…..haha… i going crazy ?   Is this what crazy people do ?   i think i will start taking pictures of the cakes i make and drive you guys crazy……….anyways….after i’m done peeling the egg shells i enjoy breaking them up with my fingers as much as i can….i love crunchy sound and feeling….i suppose it’s similar to popping those bumpy air filled thingy’s….bubble wrap……..i also add them to my potted houseplants now….as the calcium content makes the soil more nutrient…after crunching them down i will put them in my little coffee grinder and powder them….and save the extra in a little plastic container…


2 thoughts on “EGG SHELLS

  1. Where are all these coming from?  Stuff you’ve written in the past? I’m indoors taking a break from summer sun gardening.  But I can only read maybe two poems at a time or else I get lost.  I really have to think about them!?  Thanks for sending so many my way.  I can’t wait to read the rest.  –P

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