if i leave you

i can’t see that my life will be any better

i am broke and broken

and i can’t take anymore pain

if i leave you

i will just be trading one pain for another

from being a prisoner inside this house

to a prisoner out there

always someone watching

always someone controlling

always someone waiting

there is no freedom in samsara

the freedom you seek is only

when you die

this place is a joke

freedom is a joke

all i have to look forward to is just

more stress

more survival stress

can’t sleep there stress

can’t sleep here stress

can’t do that stress

can’t do this stress

if i leave you i will be gone

but you will follow me

you will haunt me

you will continue to do shit behind my back

because you are free

you never let anything get in your way

you do whatever you want to do.

in secret

2 thoughts on “IF I LEAVE

    1. the “can’t sleep here” “can’t sleep there” stuff comes from when i was considering living in my car……but yeah…tired of being repressed everywhere you go……..i’m a rebel….and to conform is not my nature…..

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