sitting here

not knowing what will come next from

this mind

life is so strange

i live alone

but i am not lonely

i haven’t been this happy for a long time

i have been in love many times

where did it lead me

only anguish and pain it gave me

after all the pleasure was gone

what good is this romantic love

it’s only a fleeting experience

that changes

like everything else


love was all that mattered to me

i didn’t ask for much

only to find true love

and i thought i did once

but where is it now

so here i am


by myself

my true love


3 thoughts on “MY TRUE LOVE

  1. I could not comment on your site again, so will do so in person.  Sandy, this is a wonderful heartfelt poem and thank you for sharing.  You have so many artistic talents–add poet as another!


    Liked by 1 person

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