I was trying to figure out different logos for my jewelry store on Etsy…. It was called NAKED NAGA…..

This is just one design I made of MANY !

I wasn’t selling anything…. It disheartened me… so I took my store down and gave it all away …….

I gave up too soon…. I know

I know nothing………..

I’m know NOTHING about how to make money…. Except for being a good slave to someone…….

But to promote yourself is almost impossible without spending TONS of money on advertising……competition is ferocious in jewelry making & art…..

Maybe I’ll be rich when I’m dead ……

No……don’t say that !!!!!


I made a ton of unique RAKHI…. Bracelets you give to your brother /sister a Indian tradition to honor your sibling & bless them

I gave them all to my Indian lady friend…and she gave them to someone to give to people in India…. So they made it all the way to India & people are wearing them there !!!!


Myrrh with natural carnelian, Baltic Amber & crystals….I love the smell of myrrh…. The beads give off a light scent from wearing because of your body heat….



Baltic Amber with Swarovski Crystals 💗

OPAL & Swarovski Crystals

13 thoughts on “NAKED NAGA

  1. I agree you must have a lot of “seed” money to start a successful business.  Gosh, I think you are a wonderful artist.  Jewelry would seem a good venture for you, though I know nothing is more competitive than that field. Peter P.S. I clicked on Despina’s name where she commented on one of your posts, and I was able to see a few pictures of her and her husband.  They are such a handsome couple! And Despina is absolutely beautiful!

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    1. Yeah…. I should just buy some nice black velvet display things… and try it…. But I have almost everything away already…. I’m keeping some nice stuff for myself….but I am getting the itch to buy more supplies & start again…. I REALLY LOVED MAKING JEWELRY !!!!! It broke my heart that nobody bought anything…. I blew A LOT of money building my inventory!!!!
      And I had a blast picking out beads & stuff….it was so fun & relaxing !!!!! ♥️♥️♥️

      Problem is now I don’t have all that extra money to blow…. But I can do a little at a time…. It will be FUN to have a little table & chair with my stuff displayed & see how people react…. Now I’m getting excited… lol.

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  2. Nice! My favs are: Baltic Amber with Swarovski Crystals and the OPAL & Swarovski Crystals. Yeah I can imagine jewelry to super crazy competitive, but maybe you can find some kind of niche?

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    1. Yeah.. thank you 🙏. All I know is I LOVE doing it !!! I’m out of some supplies I need now but I am itching to start doing it again… maybe once I get going again I won’t give up so easily… doing what you love to do must mean something !!!💗

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      1. Yeah, even if you don’t do it to make money, this kind of thing is always nice for friends and family. I still have a bunch of your bracelets wrapped around my office desk lamp 🙂

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        1. Yes…. Story of my life… everything I make I have lovingly given away !!!

          I’m not a business person….
          I need an agent… haha

          Have you ever worn the bracelets ?

          The MYHRR ones give off a beautiful light fragrance when in contact with your body heat…

          I love MYHRR ♥️♥️♥️


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