I have a TON more photos…. I will post more later !!!!!!!




Larimar properties are highly sought after within the metaphysical community, as Larimar is believed to be a healing stone.

Healers that use gemstones in their work were amongst the first people to recognize the true rarity and value of larimar and much has been written about the metaphysical properties.




13 thoughts on “NAKED NAGA

  1. I agree you must have a lot of “seed” money to start a successful business.  Gosh, I think you are a wonderful artist.  Jewelry would seem a good venture for you, though I know nothing is more competitive than that field. Peter P.S. I clicked on Despina’s name where she commented on one of your posts, and I was able to see a few pictures of her and her husband.  They are such a handsome couple! And Despina is absolutely beautiful!

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    1. Yeah…. I should just buy some nice black velvet display things… and try it…. But I have almost everything away already…. I’m keeping some nice stuff for myself….but I am getting the itch to buy more supplies & start again…. I REALLY LOVED MAKING JEWELRY !!!!! It broke my heart that nobody bought anything…. I blew A LOT of money building my inventory!!!!
      And I had a blast picking out beads & stuff….it was so fun & relaxing !!!!! ♥️♥️♥️

      Problem is now I don’t have all that extra money to blow…. But I can do a little at a time…. It will be FUN to have a little table & chair with my stuff displayed & see how people react…. Now I’m getting excited… lol.

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  2. Nice! My favs are: Baltic Amber with Swarovski Crystals and the OPAL & Swarovski Crystals. Yeah I can imagine jewelry to super crazy competitive, but maybe you can find some kind of niche?

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    1. Yeah.. thank you 🙏. All I know is I LOVE doing it !!! I’m out of some supplies I need now but I am itching to start doing it again… maybe once I get going again I won’t give up so easily… doing what you love to do must mean something !!!💗

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      1. Yeah, even if you don’t do it to make money, this kind of thing is always nice for friends and family. I still have a bunch of your bracelets wrapped around my office desk lamp 🙂

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        1. Yes…. Story of my life… everything I make I have lovingly given away !!!

          I’m not a business person….
          I need an agent… haha

          Have you ever worn the bracelets ?

          The MYHRR ones give off a beautiful light fragrance when in contact with your body heat…

          I love MYHRR ♥️♥️♥️


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